Model 2533 – 4Br 3Ba

Don’t forget to see the 3D Walk-thru Viewer at the bottom!

2533 1 Front Elevation Perspective
Front Elevation Perspective
2533 2 Floor Plan with Dimensions
Floor Plan with Dimensions
2533 3 Rear Elevation Perspective
Rear Elevation Perspective
2533 4 Kitchen View
Kitchen View
2533 5 Breakfast View
Breakfast View
2533 6 Dining Room View
Dining Room View
2533 7 Family Room View
Family Room View
2533 8 Living Room View
Living Room View
2533 9 Master Suite View
Master Suite View
2533 10 Master Bath View
Master Bath View

View 2533 4Br 3Ba in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.


Online Viewer Instructions

If using a computer, 3D walk-thru’s are best viewed by using a scroll mouse & ‘wheeling’ in & out through doors/windows to view inside. By clicking & holding the Left Click button, the camera view will rotate as desired.

High Definition viewing is accomplished by clicking HD on the viewer panel. More realistic texturing will be visible.

Click the box in the Lower right hand corner for full screen.

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