Southern Integrity Enterprises, Inc.


Home Builders

R.L. Gordon & Company, Inc.

Finding a builder who truly listens to their customers & has the expertise to plan & bring to fruition a building project, R.L. Gordon & Company, Inc. is that builder. What sets them apart from most, is they understand cost, form, & function in home building.  They are true professionals that place high importance on the needs & desires of their customers.

Ryan Fitzgerald Construction, Inc.

Known for their commercial & agricultural construction, I have performed work for them for many years from concept through completion.  

Structural Engineering 

Silvestre Engineering & Design

We have known and worked with this company since the late 90’s. Their knowledge and attention to structural engineering coupled with their ability to produce quickly has been a great benefit to our clients and our company!


IFCM – International Fellowship of Christian Ministries

World Missions, Media, Ministry Credentials.

Crossway Community Church

A gospel-centered church located in the community of Crestview, Florida in Okaloosa County. By “gospel-centered,” we mean that our lives have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. In expressing our heartfelt gratitude and love for our Savior, we can’t overstate the importance of Sunday Celebration. Our meeting each Sunday provides a context where we worship God together and hear God’s Word proclaimed as we grow in our mission as a church.